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4/25/2012 - from tom foryt (Gateway Class of 1969) 
I enjoyed looking at the old football results. I was proud to be #81 1n 67-68 and then I was the fj on the "mud bowl" years later. I will be up to see the hall inductions. Retired from football officials after 35yrs. The gators are still in my thoughts. good luck in 2012.

11/13/2011 - from bobbie robak (Gateway Class of 1983) 
Up at 6:30 sat. morning,2 loaves of bread,20 eggs,3 lbs of bacon, 1 lb of cheese.Breakfast sandwiches for our gateway linemen after they kicked P.T.'s butt....PRICELESS!Keep focused Gators we have your back.

10/30/2011 - from bobbie robak (Gateway Class of 1983) 
Just want to let the Gators know how so proud we all are of them. They have stayed focused on 1 goal only, to win! Get going boys, we have your back for whatever you need. Go Gators! You Know!

7/15/2011 - from Ingenue Dance Band/Babegirl
Dear Gateway Gators, Family and Friends,
I was surfing the way and found your website and read the tragic news of your lost.
I pray that the Lord will help you to find peace in your hearts.
I am so sorry for your lost.I can relate to the lost. May God bless you all and keep you wrapped in your arms.
Renee Reynolds
6/26/2011 - from LaNae Wallace (Gateway Class of 1972) 
i really dont believe that Darrell is really gone. he was like a big brother to me, he always kept people smiling and laughing when we were in elementary and middle school together. He was so happy to see me make it to our 8th grade promotion from that surgery, and i too was happy to see him. ALTHOUGH they say that he is in a better place, i would trade all of the shared memories just to have him back! i love you so much, R.W.G. my guardian angel

3/23/2011 - from Former Gator Player
Shout out to Shawn Brisker. Dondi Kirby. Haynes, and the future of gateway Brian jones. Im the reson you came to gateway.. Make them gators proud. Good luck next year guys... Il see yal in the NFL...

12/12/2010 - from The Boss (Gateway Class of 2006) 
Gators, Keep you heads held high and never give up. Come back stronger than ever next year.

12/1/2010 - from Rick Smith
What a great year we had. I liked the new offensive system. You boys grew as a team and kept battling back from adversity. I'm excited to watch Thomas Woodson grow even more. We will return to glory, Go Gators!

12/1/2010 - from #88's dad
You boys had a great season. Gators Forever.

9/16/2010 - from Old Gator (Gateway Class of 1994) 
The team this year will be fine as long as that young, inexperienced offensive line rallies behind #50 Jason Crystol, you have potential to do big things this year fellows, play as hard as you can make all of us Gator fans proud and the only team that can beat you is yourselves!

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