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9/16/2010 - from Shawn Hagood (Gateway Class of 2004) 
GOOOO GATORS! Hey guys, I wanted to take a moment out of my day to encourage you guys! I'm VERY proud to be a Gateway Alumni and you will be too!! You will be surprised at the stories you'll hear from your neighboring schools about their teachers, students, activities, etc! I'll never forget the awesome memories of the (then) new stadium, the (sometimes) overly excited moms screaming from the stands, and don't forget to support your band, cheerleaders, and supporters! Keep your head up, play HARD, play SMART! and most of all HAVE FUN!!! You can do it!
9/7/2010 - from Old Gator
I thought first game was a great test for the young team we have. The young offensive line and young quarterback will be fine by the time we get to conference play. Keep working hard and take care of Penn Hills and get that offense rolling.

3/5/2010 - from Hooper02 (Gateway Class of 2002) 
Good luck in championship basketball team

3/2/2010 - from milton naylor (Gateway Class of 2010) 
the team is the best ever i wish i was playing for them
1/23/2010 - from Gator Fan
Good Luck John Ruane at Penn Trafford. Please make our conference somewhat competitive.

11/30/2009 - from Gateway Parents
Whether we hold the trophy or not, the spirit of true sportsmanship and camaraderie makes each of you a winner. Congratulations on a successful season. What a journey it has been! Grow stronger from it and cherish the memories and friendships. Thank you for taking us with you. We love you.

11/29/2009 - from jill (Gateway Class of 2013) 
great season guys you were really good this year you proved almost everyone if not everyone you guys want undefeated
i love you gators

11/25/2009 - from  (Gateway Class of 1973) 

11/20/2009 - from Gator Mom
Hey guys,
Play tough and smart. Its not in the bag just yet. Keep a level head.You guys have so much team spirit this year. It has been amazing this season watching you all bond together. I'm sure Evergreen Restaurant is hoping you win so that you all stop eating up all their profits on Thursday nights.LOL! Have a great game!!

11/19/2009 - from Gator Fan
It's in the air tonight...i've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh lord.That's Gateway tradition right there

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