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11/15/2008 - from Joshua Hughes (Gateway Class of 2007) 
Good Luck at Heinz. Lets Go Gators!!

11/14/2008 - from stephanie
lets go gateway!!! Go #79

11/14/2008 - from Anthony Lance (Gateway Class of 2005) 

11/14/2008 - from Two words......
GAME NIGHT....Get it done Gators...Let's go back to Heinz.

11/14/2008 - from player
lets go gateway lets get what you guys worked so hard for all season the running the 2 a days lets beat these Indians again

11/13/2008 - from Bernhardy PH OL Quotes...
"We're countin' down the days till Gateway, it's going to be different this time. We're a different team."

11/12/2008 - from Student Section
We're gonna be loud Friday night!! GO GATEWAY! YOU KNOWWWWW

11/12/2008 - from Old Ball Coach
Shoot Baby. We're breakin down the dang door Friday night. We're comin after the dang Big Red with somethin fierce. I'm tired of these dang rats. Shoot.

11/12/2008 - from
Lets go gateway beat penn hills!!!
GO #79

11/12/2008 - from Gateway Student
Its going to be tough Friday night without the band there...but let's get it done! GO GATORS!

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