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9/19/2007 - from Marvase Byrd (Gateway Class of 2007) 
Leon Green you are the BEST athlete in the WPIAL!! I wish I had talent like you little bro

9/17/2007 - from ALPHONSO
way the go leon green jr keep up the good work, im not able to get to your game but i look at you on the website and kdka new from N.C. good luck with your season. uncle Jay Jay

8/30/2007 - from John Lester
Good luck this weekend against Mooney. You guys better bring your A game, Mooney is a tough squad.

8/28/2007 - from Rocco DeLisio
You have great tradition and a great program. Looking forward to seeing Mr. Hale and co. Saturday against my Cards. Good luck, should be a great game!
8/27/2007 - from Dawn Matthews
We are proud of you Gateway Gators!!!
Go Markie Jones #31!!!

8/7/2007 - from Lesha stevens (Gateway Class of 2000) 
Baby boy BJ good luck this season Im here for every step you take I am very proud to see all the hard work you do an it is payin off...i love you #21

8/7/2007 - from uncle troy
shayne, i am looking forward to seeing you play against the nations best on jan 5th, i will try my best to make it to the game to give my support.

8/7/2007 - from uncle troy
to my nephew, "shane foo" i am still watching your progress, i am so proud of you, & best wishes to you & the rest of your team on a great season.

7/30/2007 - from Darlene
Gators 08 is your year.I believe in Gateway #5 play hard stay focused and have fun while you do your thing have an awesome season. #1 FAN

7/28/2007 - from Gator Fan
hey Gators, I'm rooting for you.
I see you Jimmy Hitman Wilson and Pretty Mikey. We're watching you in ATL. (atlanta baby)

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