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Gateway Gators Football team F.A.Q.

The following are commonly asked questions about Gateway High School Varsity Football.

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Team Name:Gators
Gateway?:Gateway is most likely a reference to Monroeville being the "Gateway" to Pittsburgh from the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Back when Gateway School District was formed in the late 1950's, accessing Pittsburgh via the Monroeville exit on the PA Turnpike was the easiest way to get into town, thus Monroeville is the "Gateway" to Pittsburgh!
Team Logo:
Year Founded/First year of football:Gateway High School was opened in 1958. The first season was that fall and resulted in a 7-1-1 record.
# of seasons:We are currently in our 49th football season.
Coaches:Gateway High School has had only 4 coaches in it's 48 years.
Press Passes etc.:Please contact the Gateway Athletic Office. Access to the team and sidelines (during games) is strictly controlled.
Can I watch the games from the sidelines?:Please contact the Gateway Athletic Office. Access to the sidelines (during games) is strictly controlled.
Ticket sales online?:Thanks to the partnership between Gateway Athletics and Amixa LLC, Gateway is the first school in PENNSYLVANIA (and one of the few in the nation) to sell tickets to football games online, through this web site.

Gateway Football Quick Facts

# of seasons: 65
Total # of games played: 591
All-time record: 384 W, 194 L, 13 T
Overall Winning Percentage: 0.6497

# of photos on this site: 62,693
# of videos on this site: 562
# of news articles on this site: 2,560

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