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10/27/2007 - from Anthony Tabron II (Gateway Class of 2005) 
Gators Rock 07' Gators are probably better than when i was going to Gateway congrants on a perfect season go #33 #5 and the rest of the gator squad love you guys

10/24/2007 - from Penn Hills Fan
Why did you blast teddy blakeman like that STEVE HORVATH man that was a good hit!!! lol

10/23/2007 - from Paul Hadzor (Gateway Class of 1964) 
Congrats to the 2007 Gators. I've been out in the Philly area almost 40 years. Been back a few times the last couple of years to see the Gators live at home, the Wolverena or at Heinz Field. Listen on the MSA sports network almost every Friday night or catch the Gators on PCN or Fox Sports. Win another 4A title & put another bench up in the rafters of the old gym. GOOOOO Gators!!!!

10/22/2007 - from deccocca
Gators we are very proud of the way you guys get it done week after week. keep doing your thing #5 Your #1 fan, I enjoy being hoarse every saturday morning. Heinz field awaits.

10/15/2007 - from Doyle (Gateway Class of 2007) 
i see you burnside and mitch. keep it up. i wanna see 10000 pancakes against them foxes

10/10/2007 - from Douglas Smith

10/1/2007 - from penn hills rivals (Gateway Class of 2009) 
good luck 1 week away the beef is on!!! may the best team win

9/25/2007 - from Rayna Anderson (Gateway Class of 2001) 
Way to play against Norwin #32. I love you and am proud to be ya big sister and #1 fan!!!! Go all tha way Gators!!!

9/25/2007 - from Dan Goodrow (Gateway Class of 1969) 
Go Gators

9/24/2007 - from Dan Goodrow (Gateway Class of 1969) 
Class of 69 track team 67,68,69 wrestled 67, football 67 cross country 68 Live in Lodi Ohio Diehard Steelers and Gator Fan. "Gateway High School Hats Off To Thee"

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