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Justin King Career Highlights DVD (Revision 2)

This collectors edition DVD contains the previously available "Justin King Highlights Video" along with 7 more features, including the entire Press Conference from November 15, 2004, in which Justin King announced his college choice.

As a bonus, the DVD also contains the special "A Day in the Life of Justin King", "Checking the Pulse with Justin King", the Justin King Career Highlights video, and highlights (not available anywhere else!) from several games.

Sample video clips:
   Justin King Highlights Video - part 1
   Justin King Highlights Video - part 2
   Justin King college choice press conference

Full-size image
  • Approximately 1 hour 10 minutes in length
  • Justin King Press Conference (11-15-2004) ~30 minutes
  • A Day in the Life of Justin King ~20 minutes
  • Checking the pulse with Justin King
  • (Previously released) Justin King Career Highlights
  • Highlights from 4 games

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Justin King Career Highlights DVD


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