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Gateway Sports Honor Roll

 Gateway Sports Hall of Fame | Gateway Sports Honor Roll

Induction Class Of 1999
Walter "Pete" Antimarino
Henry J. Furrie (1921-1998)
Richard Adipotti (1946-1973)
Cliff Parsons
Mel Nash
Michelle Chow
Curtis Bray
1969 WPIAL Championship Football Team

Induction Class Of 2000
Art Betts
Larry Phillips
Melanie Morgan
Dwain "Butch" Painter
Mark O'Toole
Mike Devine
Tim Conroy
1986 WPIAL Championship Football Team

Induction Class Of 2001
Larry Hanley
Steve Statnick
Bob Buczkowski
Heather Burik
Randy Rovesti
Terry Smith
Tim D'Amico
1972 WPIAL Championship Football Team

Induction Class Of 2002
Steve Klipa
Ken Simpson
Paul Holzshu
Ken Macha
Al Lardo
Russ Weaver
1982 WPIAL And PIAA Championship Cross Country Team

Induction Class Of 2003
Bob Holden
Dick Bane
Dave Jagdmann
Alan Baltrus
John Gay
Joanne Boyle
Anne Spaeder
1986 Girls PIAA Championship Swim Team

Induction Class Of 2004
Harvey Smith Jr.
Larry Petrillo
Jodi Smith
Vic Maccarelli
John Sattler
Taunja Snyder
1964 boys basketball

Induction Class Of 2005
Tony Forte
Don Hahnfeldt
Dick Rivers
Tom Toman
Todd Leeson
1974 WPIAL Co-Championship Football Team

Induction Class Of 2006
Ray Middlekauff
Tony Petrocelli
Randi Belkin
Bob Matsey
Celeste Miliel
Jason Kunkle
Joann Beatty
1985 Girls PIAA Championship Swim Team

Induction Class Of 2007
Ron Davis
Joe Zaccari
Jim Fritchman
Ernie Chadderton
Joe Ritter
Andresa Snyder
1970 WPIAL & PlAA Champion Boys Swinuning 200 Yard Medley Team
Mel Nash Craig Simpson Corky Semler Rob Creagan
1985 WPIAL Co-Championship Football Team

Historical Prospective 1999 To 2007

Inductees By Generation
1960's 14
1970's 10
1980's 18
1990's 2

Inductees From Other Category
Coaches 10
Athletic Director 2
Coach And Athletic Director 2
Contributor 1

Inductees By Gender
Males 33
Females 11

Team Inductees
Football 5
Cross Country 1
Swimming (Girls) 2
Basketball (Boys) 1

Special Category - Team within a team
1970 Boys Medley Swim Team

Inductees By Sport
Swimming and Diving 8
Baseball 2
Wrestling 1
Basketball 3
Football And Basketball 5
Football And Track 3
Basketball and Baseball 2
Basketball, Football And Track 1
Baseball, Football And Basketball 5
Baseball, Football And Wrestling 1
Basketball, Softball And Volleyball 1
Baseball And Football 4
Football, Soccer, Basketball And Volleyball 1
Basketball, Track, Softball And Volleyball 1
Track and Field 3
Tennis 1
Basketball, Track & Cross Country 1

Gateway Football Quick Facts

# of seasons: 61
Total # of games played: 591
All-time record: 384 W, 194 L, 13 T
Overall Winning Percentage: 0.6497

# of photos on this site: 62,693
# of videos on this site: 562
# of news articles on this site: 2,560

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